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Pray for Japan

2011/03/16 by Danie Mouton 1 Comment »

The crisis in Japan, due to the terrible earthquake, tsunami and expanding nuclear threat, touched many hearts.  The following prayers were published by

Prayer of Concern

Gracious God,
through your Son you have taught us
that nothing in life or in death
is able to separate us from your love.
Look in mercy on all
to whom great sorrow has come
at this time of natural disaster.
Help those who are injured,
support those who are dying.
Strengthen those who operate emergency services,
those who work for aid agencies,
all who channel relief to those in need,
those who labour to curb the spread of disease,
and those who keep open the lines of communication.
Console and protect
those who have lost loved ones
and the relatives and friends of those who are missing.
Give your light in darkness
to all who are near to despair,
and assure them that you hold all souls in life;
through Jesus Christ our risen Lord. Amen.

Prayers for all those affected

Lord, we pray not only for those whose lives have been darkened by disaster over recent days, but also for those whose faith has been shaken; for those who stand bewildered and fearful in the midst of tragedy; for the injured, the bereaved, and the destitute.

We commend to your grace all who are seeking to help and heal the injured, and to comfort and calm the bereaved.

From you alone can come the word that will lift them above their darkness. Answer, O Lord, the questions in their minds; and assure them that though disaster is not of your will, you are present with them in their suffering and sorrow, and can enable them to find purpose, hope and peace again. Amen.

Most merciful God, in the midst of natural disaster
we took to you in hope and trust,
acknowledging that there is much in life
beyond our present understanding.
Accept our compassion for the suffering;
bless those who working for their relief;
and show us what we can do to share in their task,
as servants of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for specific areas

God of the mountains and the seas, the awesome power of nature can be both a wonder as well as a source of tragedy. We cry out to you in this time of great need to the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Almighty and everlasting God, comfort of the sad and strength to those who suffer: Let the prayers of your children who are in any trouble rise to you. We lift up to you the people of (list here the affected areas). For those who have lost loved ones, grant your peace; for those who seek shelter and food, grant your comfort; for those facing illness, grant your healing; for those whose lives have been shattered, grant your strength.

God of wisdom and strength, guide the hands of those who provide emergency relief. We entrust to you those who care for the bereaved, those with the gift of healing, those who carry the burdens of moving debris, and those who distribute much needed supplies. Hopeless as it may seem at times, their work is very important. Give them the endurance that is needed to continue in their good works.

God of all consolation, in the midst of things we do not understand, tragedy too great to comprehend, and grieving too heavy to bear, grant your peace. This is a time when we welcome your Word of hope born into our world. May that hope burn in our hearts.


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  1. Steph Bester says:

    Hi Julle,

    Ek het n sterboodskap inmy stilte tyd gekry om te gaan dien in Japan.

    Ek is van plan om oor te gaan na Japan om vir n week lank te help op die grond met herbouing en algemene hulp asook bemoediging en n bodskap van hoop. Ek is besig om fondse te kry om 3-4 families te ondersteun vir n tydperk terwyl hulle weer hulle voete vind in die aaklige situasie,

    Het julle vir my enige kontakte wat ek kan gebruik? Ek wil seker maak dat ek wel via n Christen kerk of organisasie werk sodat ons tyd en geld in Japan reg aangewend kan word. ?


    Steph Bester
    083 3263707

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