Jaargang 19 - Nommer 28 - 26 Augustus 2021 - Koninkrykstyd
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In hierdie uitgawe

  • Deur sy ontstaangeskiedenis word die NG Kerk gekenmerk deur verskillende teologiese strominge. In watter mate kan hierdie strome mekaar eerder probeer verryk as beveg?
  • Wat dryf "toksiese" leiers in gemeentes?
  • VBO: Inleiding tot die Verwelkomingspraktyk, 'n gebedshouding wat tot diep innerlike genesing lei.
  • VB: Rasversoening begin binne

Dr Christo Benade oor die verskeidenheid in die NG Kerk

Kan die verskillende teologiese strome in die NG Kerk mekaar verryk eerder as beveg?

Die NG Kerk: 'n samevloeiing van verskillende teologiese strome
Die NG Kerk is saamgestel uit verskillende teologiese strome wat uit verskeie bronne saamgevloei het. Kan hierdie strome mekaar eerder verryk as beveg? So vra dr Christo Benadé in hierdie leesbare en insiggewende artikel.

'n Vraag is of hierdie strome mekaar moet probeer domineer of uitoorlê? Op watter wyse kan saambestaan mekaar verryk? Christo argumenteer in sy artikel dat die werklike liberale stroom (wat nie ruimte vir God het nie) bitter klein is en nie werklik (langer) invloedryk is nie. Baie in die NG Kerk wat as liberaal uitgekryt word, is nie regtig liberale teologie nie. Dit is 'n stroom diep gelowiges wat nie langer ander wil beoordeel en in vakkies wil plaas, soos die ou apartheidskerk gedoen het nie.

Laat weet wat julle dink.

Lees die artikel

Prof Scot McKnight

Four Drives of the Toxic Leader

Prof Scot McKnight, New Testament scholar, and his daughter Laura are working on a project to help churches move from toxic patterns and cultures into a tov culture. (Tov is the Hebrew word for "goodness" and "health"). At the heart of a toxic cultures are leaders who do not recognize what drives them.

McKnight writes in a recent newsletter:

OK: let’s admit it. Many think their theological statements, confessions and creeds drive them. Many think their Bible teaching drives them. They are indeed at least partly right. But under those desires to be sound in theology and faithful to the Bible are drives that determine how they use that theology and how they use that Bible to accomplish what they want.

In listening and learning and watching and reading we find four terms help us think about what drives toxic leaders. Toxic leaders may well believe the right things and teach the Bible well, but their drives turn such theology and Bible off the path into toxic, septic fields.

Ambition. Life is shaped by ambitions. Some of it is good -- an ambition to master a musical instrument, an ambition to please God, an ambition to . Some of it is fleshly, like the ambition to dominate and control others. But ambition cannot be ignored in cultural assumptions: underneath our skills and talents are energies of ambition, sometimes on the part of a key leader or a set of leaders.
At work under, behind, and over every cultural assumption is power to make things happen. It is the oxygen in the air and under the surface.

Another toxic drive is success. Success becomes fleshly when it is measured by growth and numbers. Why do churches use numbers to measure success? That is, beside being able to announce with pride new baptisms? Because growth means a church will gain a reputation of being God-blessed. It means the church acquires a big reputation and makes a difference and climbs the ladder of fame for other churches to emulate. Growth makes the church and its leaders and members feel important. Pastors and churches are driven by their measurements of success, whether they say it or even know it. Measuring success by numbers leads to giving people what they want, which statement dips our feet into a big muddy river called consumerism — for another day.

Greed. It’s too obvious for us to see. For a church to operate, it has to have enough money to pay pastors and staff, to pay a mortgage and utility bills, to send out missionaries, etc.. To have sufficient money a church has to have the kind of success that produces butts in the pew, bills in the offering plate, baptisms in water, and buildings. The wise use of money sometimes hops the rails and becomes a fleshy desire for more and more money. Another flesh-shaped word here would be greed, or the wanting to acquire more and more, which in the New Testament is called “idolatry” (Colossians 3:5). One of the most irritating terms I’ve heard used for people in a church is “giving units.” Call me naive but that’s fleshly.

Glory/fame. Among the drives of those with fleshly ambition is to be well-known, to make their mark, to be famous, and to reach the so-called top of the list of established pastors. To gain the approbation of the bigwig pastors at bigwig churches as an up-and-coming star pastor. Some will brush this off as a hazard they have to endure, but mark our words: glory runs deep in humans and is a major nutrient in the cultural system of churches. We have seen this drive for self-importance not only in senior pastors but in associates, elders, and even team leaders enjoying the glory and feelings of self-importance within their own church culture. The distinguishing marks of fame-driven pastors are comparisons and competitions. By which we mean the glory-driven person is always looking over his shoulder to see if someone behind him’s numbers are catching up to his, or looking ahead to see whom he can pass next.


Goeie Bybelse motivering vir inenting

Die volgende is 'n uittreksel uit 'n artikel wat op Maandag 23 Augustus 2021 in The Herald verskyn het, in die rubriek wat deur geestelike leiers geskryf word.

Getting Jab is beneficial for the weakest

It's not been smooth sailing for many over the last year or two.

We're all having to make complicated decisions on our future; to vaccinate or not, to gather or not, to work from home with relocating options or to hold on for a bit of normal, to assign blame to some other party or to accept things as a fait accompli.

My personal view is best expressed in this Bible verse: "For though I am free from all men, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win the more." (1 Corinthians 9 vs 19 – 23).

Here the author explains that, although he was free to do whatever he wanted, he was also free to obligate himself to others.

Much like marriage, free to date anyone, loving enough to obligate oneself to someone. "To the weak, I became as weak" he goes on to say.

This means to me that, although I am free to take my own risks and express my faith as I choose to, I instead obligate myself to do what would be most beneficial for the weakest.

In response, I received my second dose two weeks back and I recommended it to others too.

The beauty of the church is that there is space for each person and community to discern how best to interpret Bible verses.

That seemed wisest option for my situation. It’s my way of moving on.

Pastor George Georgiou – Father’s House Church.

Celebrate our Pastors: "You are not alone"

Jy word uitgenooi na 'n geleentheid wat predikante en pastore waardeer en vier

Die Covid-tyd is besonder uitdagend vir predikante en geestelike leiers. Daarom hou die ekumeniese kerk in Nelson Mandelabaai 'n geleentheid wat pastorale leiers vier. Hier is die uitnodiging - neem gerus deel:


At our NMB CLN July 2021 meeting it was suggested that we connect with all our local pastors. During Covid-19 our pastors have faced severe times, economically as well as the need for food sustainability. We have arranged for the delivery of 500 – 600 food parcels to Ebenezer International (cnr of Birchwood and Whyteleaf Drive) Algoa Park, to be made available to all our pastors on Saturday, 11 September and Sunday, 12 September 2021.

Each Church Pastor will be invited to collect one parcel for themselves or a church worker of their choice. We will arrange for 50 seats per sitting, on a first come first served basis. Those who cannot be accommodated in their allocated Ward Group will be accommodated in the final sitting on Sunday. It is very important that we all participate, as this is about connecting with other pastors and not just about collecting a food parcel.
We are approaching our “Action against Hunger” Anchor Churches and other volunteers to assist us with organizing the participants and their timeslots. Participants must respond to Margie Noble by return email or on WhatsApp on 083 659 2748, no later than Friday, 4 September 2021. (Churches in Wards can be found on under the “Against Hunger” tab.)

Saturday 11 September 2021
09:00 – 10:00 = Wards 1 to 4
11:00 – 12:00 = Wards 31 to 40
13:00 – 14:00 = Wards 5 to 7
15:00 – 16:00 = Wards 15 to 30

Sunday 12 September 2021
09:00 – 10:00 = Wards 8 to 14
11:00 – 12:00 = Wards 51 to 60
13:00 – 14:00 = Wards 41 to 50 and Final Sitting


Bishop Jacob Freemantle
Apostle Neville Goldman
Dominee Danie Mouton
On behalf of NMB CLN

Werkswinkel oor twee dae in Gqeberha

VBO: Rasversoening begin BINNE

Rasversoening (1)
Rasversoening begin binne.
Introspeksie en ‘n gesonde spiritualiteit gee vir die kapasiteit om die kompleksiteite van die praktyk van versoening met vrymoedigheid en integriteit te hanteer.
Wilhelm Verwoerd fasiliteer 27 – 28 September 2021 om 09:00-14:30 ‘n werkswinkel wat op hierdie dieper aspekte van versoening fokus.
Onse Khaya Gastehuis, Somerstrand, Gqeberha
Koste: R200 p/p. Etes en verversings ingesluit.
Besprekings en navrae by Wimke Jurgens 083 4528574/
Die werkswinkel verdien 15 VBO-punte
Kursusgelde word in die volgende rekening inbetaal:
NG Kerk in Oos-Kaapland
ABSA 290 581 192
Verwysing: versoen + [Jou van]

Verdiepte, beliggaamde dissipelskap

Gebedsvaardighede vir daardie stortvloed onwelkome ervarings en vir diep genesing

Die VBO-forum en Sinode Oos-Kaapland stel 'n inleiding tot verwelkomingspraktyk bekend. Die aanlynsessie word vanaf 2 September deur Wilhelm Verwoerd en kollegas van die NG Kerk aangebied. Klik hier vir meer inligting. (Dit verdien 30 VBO-punte.)

Daar word gekyk hoe om die toenemende oorvloed van onwelkome ervarings te hanteer. Hierdie ervarings soos die COVID-19-pandemie wat van dag tot dag opduik, roep meestal uiters ongemaklike gevoelens van angstigheid, onsekerheid en oorweldiging by meeste van ons op. Die vrae word gevra: Hoe hanteer ons hierdie ontstellende, uitputtende emosies, sonder onderdrukking of ontvlugting in ons koppe? Hoe kan ons die uiters onwelkome ervarings van ons tye dieper deel maak van ons dissipelskap?

Die gereelde beoefening van die verwelkomingsgebed bied broodnodige ondersteuning soos bevestig deur 'n vorige NGK-deelnemer: "Die verwelkomingspraktyk dra by tot die groei van my verhouding met God; ook tot die ontwikkeling van 'n leefwyse waarin ek volkome oorgegee is aan God en voortdurend met Hom in gesprek is. Ek is nog nie naastenby daar nie, maar die verwelkomingsgebed is een van die geloofsgewoontes wat my help op hierdie lewenslange reis."

Kry die inskrywingsvorm hier. Jy kan hier klik meer meer agtergrond.


Die morele hernuwing van die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing na 'n Dekade van Staatskaping

Kyk na die grafika hieronder vir inligting oor hierdie belangrike konferensie. Die organiseerders skryf bykomend:

Die doel van die konferensie is om vanuit die Gereformeerde Teologie saam te besin oor die tema: Die morele hernuwing van die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing na 'n Dekade van Staatskaping.

As u meer oor die konferensie wil weet, kan u hierdie webblad besoek.

Die GTW is 'n vereniging wat vanuit die Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika ontstaan het en wat ook betrokke is by die vaktydskrif In die Skriflig / In Luce Verbi en is 'n vereniging sonder enige winsmotief. Ons sal egter graag persone vanuit die NG Kerk ook in hierdie gesprek wil betrek.
RTS 2021 - Conference

VBO met Deon Loots:

Opleiding in Geestelike begeleiding

Stel jy belang om te leer hoe om mense sinvol op hulle geestelike reis te begelei, sonder die nodigheid om altyd 'n antwoord of 'n oplossing gereed te hê?

Leer die kuns van geestelike begeleiding aan. Dit rus jou toe om mense te begelei om verder na te dink oor hoe en waar God in hulle lewens aan die werk is. Die toerusting is ook van groot waarde vir jou eie geestelike groei, sowel as vir informele gesprekke met mense wat soms "moeilike vrae vra".

Kyk gerus na die volledige program deur op die skakel te klik. Daar kan jy ook hoor hoe ander die opleiding beleef het. (Meer as genoeg VBO punte vir predikante wat dit doen).

Kontak Deon Loots by 084 955 3444 of
basaar 2021

Leraars beweeg

Ds Rudi van Tonder lewer op Sondag, 29 Augustus 2021 sy afskeidspreek by PE-Sherwood en ontvang demissie.
Kerkkantore word herinner om die sinodale kantoor in kennis te stel oor die beweging van leraars.
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