Waarna kyk mens as jy jou stem uitbring?

Waarna kyk mens as jy jou stem uitbring?

Mike Smith skryf vandeesweek in die kerklike rubriek in The Herald hoe belangrik die voorreg om te stem vir alle burgers is. Dit bepaal die toekoms. Daarom moet kerke mense (veral jongmense) aanmoedig om te gaan stem. Wanneer jy stem, moet dit nie op grond van tradisionele lojaliteite plaasvind nie. Dink na. Hoe bepaal mens vir wie jy stem? Mike skryf jy moet kyk na die kandidaat:

So, the question then is what does one look for in a candidate?

In an interview before the last National elections Professor Barney Pityana said we need to look for those who really want to bring Kingdom values to the country.

“Ask yourself, what is it that God tells me to do as I stand here and put this cross? You must take responsibility because you are called by God.”

Think before you Ink!

Exodus 18:21 tells us: “You should choose some capable men and appoint them as leaders of the people: leaders of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. They must be God-fearing men who can be trusted and who cannot be bribed.”

This is what Moses was told what to look for in leaders who would report to him and assume some of the responsibilities to serve the people.

So, who do we want to have represent us as a councillor? The Bible provides guidance.

In 1 Timothy, Paul gives Timothy the criteria for appointing Overseers, or Bishops as has been translated in other versions of scripture. In vs 8, Paul lists the qualifications of deacons.

Modelled on that scripture, may I suggest the following as the minimum criteria n the case of councillors:

  1. Honesty is a prime requirement (Not double tongued. Entirely truthful…)
  2. Faithful to family relationships (Husband of one wife)
  3. Free of selfish ambitions (Not greedy for money. To do nothing out of …..)
  4. Never to elicit, accept or pay bribes (Holding the mystery…..)
  5. Sober in habits (Of sober habits…..)
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